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Support Our Redevelopment

in partnership with Down Syndrome Limerick


The club is looking for donations to completely transform our soccer pitch & park. At present we have huge problems with drainage and soil quality which makes our pitch unplayable for six months of every year. For the 120 school children and 30 adults the inability to meet up for training or practices is most upsetting during these current challenging times. 

In January 2021 the Limerick County council agreed to a 99 year lease extension with the club for the current site at Scanlon Park in Castleconnell. With the lease extension the club can apply for Sports Capital Funding. We believe if we can raise €32,000 by the middle of March we will receive double that from Sports Capital Ireland so we can do some real investment in this community soccer park. 

lisnagry FC 3.JPG

We look forward to showing you pictures of this clubs transformation over the years ahead and hope you will visit us as well. Your donation will make a huge difference to our club, community and children.

For now, see below for more details of our plans.


We are now going to be at this park for the next 99 years so the sooner we make this facility better the more years our kids, members and community will benefit from it. We need to drain our pitch, level the pitch, add sand, purchase a ride-on lawnmower, remove some awful rusting containers, underground the powerlines and put in some toilets which will encourage girls soccer. In future years we will try and raise money for a proper Astro turf pitch. 

We’re really hoping that individuals and businesses in Ireland and around the world will contribute to this cause. Many people have visited Ireland & enjoyed many kindnesses in this wonderful country. This would be a really nice way for people to make a big impact on a small Irish community. We plan to build a wall with the names of all the contributors. A permanent memorial for the next 99 years for those who have donated €100 or more. If this is something you would be interested in, please include the name you would like on the wall and the City and Country of the donor.

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