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Newsletter January 2021

Dear Parents, Members, Players, Interested Parties,

For many families it is an extremely worrying time with Covid numbers skyrocketing. Lisnagry FC wishes everyone to stay safe and keep your contacts to an absolute minimum.

Looking back over the 2020 year there were some great matches, with match reports for the schoolboy teams in our new website & for the junior men’s team on Facebook.


Club Developments

After some great work from Nicky Grene this summer our pitch was transformed. All players benefited from the new improved surface and we got far more games played late into October with our pitch holding up to wet October weather.

Dave Walsh club secretary then decided to round up a team of volunteers to move the fence perimeter to the outside of the parking lot rather than being around the soccer pitch as well as setting up lighting and alarm services at the club. Dave, pictured below would like to thank a huge number of people who gave their time, expertise and coffee for this massive undertaking.



Running for Lisnagry FC, Tony Burns

Tony Burns, volunteered to put his body to the test running 100km in one week, equivalent to 15kms a day from the 14th of December to the 20th of December. Tony pictured below raised €1,250 for his club for his efforts. Just look at his average pace per kilometre on two of his runs!

Bonus Ball Draw

Lisnagry Football Club started a small bonus ball draw to raise funds for dugouts for home and away players. Thanks to all the parents, club members who participated in November & December Draws.

Delayed Fundraiser

We had a planned big event for 7th Feb 2021 for a sale of quality branded pre-loved clothes, books with coffee & sweet stuff for early February. Thanks to everyone who have donated so far. We will be delaying this date but we still want people to set aside their quality clothing and books. Linda Devine, Joan Moloughney & Aileen Hogan will be collecting this gear as soon as it is safe.


Walking Soccer

While many of us are trying to stay safe some thrill seekers took on the challenge of walking soccer. Soccer is a game that everyone can play at different speeds. With walking soccer we found a game that almost everyone can play in relative safety. Hopefully we can return to this game again in 2021. More about this game here.


Soccer Websites

For those of you who wish to check our the schoolboy games & league tables the LDSL website is great

We have two junior soccer men’s teams entered competing in Divisions 2B & 3A. Results for these teams can be found here.

FAI Homeskills

There are about 50 youtube videos that kids may wish to try at home during January.


The committee would like to thank all our supporters and sponsors and look forward to your continued support in 2021!


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